Demanding OHL schedules corrupting teams chances of winning

The Ontario Hockey League has some of the most promising hockey players in the World playing within it each night. But with location changes throughout the league over the last few seasons has made the travelling demand rise as the divisions are not changing when the teams re locate. As you can see with the map below some of the divisions are reasonable, but the eastern and central divisions cover big spaces of Ontario meaning that the teams within that division are playing further and longer road trips more often than other teams in the league. These long road trips can affect how the team performs.

The one team this seems to hurt is the Hamilton Bulldogs. Since relocating from Belleville two years ago the Bulldogs have been in a division with Oshawa, Peterborough, Kingston, and Ottawa. Obviously that division made more sense when the Bulldogs played in Belleville, but now that they are in Hamilton it makes the commute longer to play their divisional rivals. They are also included in a conference with North Bay and Sudbury, two far up north located teams. Last season the team was not successful as it was in a new city, and were not used to travelling that far that often. This season so far they have improved but in mid October they had two evening games up north, which they went 1-1 in, but the next afternoon they played back at home and got completely smoked by the visiting team.

This research shows that the OHL needs to change their divisions to co-operate with where the teams have moved to, or make a schedule that accommodates each team in the league fairly.

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Textbooks for Change

October 28, 2016


Kasandra DaSilva


Humber students and staff were able to simultaneously free up some shelf space and help those in need on Wednesday as the Textbooks for Change donation drive took place at Humber North campus.

Textbooks for Change is a for-profit organization that takes used post-secondary textbooks and sends them to  local and eastern-African libraries to help enhance their education system.

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Little known carpooling program to help students save money


Kasandra DaSilva

General News Reporter

Humber College students are turning to carpooling as a way to bypass congested traffic and lack of parking around school.

Humber has teamed up with Metrolinx to launch the Smart Commute program to help students cut the costs of their commutes by up to $200 a month on gas and car maintenance by carpooling.

The Smart Commute program helps people find others in the same area with similar class schedules that are also looking to carpool.


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Students explore vegetarianism through recipes and sustainability



Julie Pellegrini (left) and Maureen Martin-Edey(right) were very excited to tell students and staff about all the different vegetarian and vegan recipe



Kasandra DaSilva

News Reporter

Humber’s Office of Sustainability gave students a taste of what it is like to be a vegetarian Thursday in honour of October as Vegetarian Awareness Month.

Vegetarians dreams came true as the North campus concourse was filled with vegetarian and vegan free samples, recipes and information for those seeking to join the vegetarian lifestyle.

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Food trucks successful despite lack of advertising

October 14, 2016


Selena Kovachi, Emile Bell, Michelle Bedley, Joey Quintanilhia, Brittaney Miller and Esther Henriques all enjoyed sweet treats from the Beavertails truck at North Campus. (Kasandra DaSilva


Kasandra DaSilva

News Reporter

Students now have a new option for grabbing a quick lunch on campus as Humber Food services are now bringing independent food trucks to North and Lakeshore campuses.

Humber has many dining options throughout both campuses, but students always want to try something new, which is why food trucks are making almost weekly visits to campus, said Ashlee Collins, general manager of Chartwells at Humber.

After the School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism brought the food truck festival to Humber earlier this semester, and Chartwells successfully brought two food trucks to frosh, which suggests food trucks should continue to make appearances.

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Bavarian beer and bratwurst

September 30, 2016


Kasandra DaSilva


As the Humber College Culinary Olympic team prepares for a competition in Germany later next month, the team held an Oktoberfest fundraiser last Wednesday night that turned the school’s Humber Room at North campus into a little Bavaria.

Oktoberfest is an annual folk festival held in Germany that celebrates German traditions, cuisine and beer. Many cities have festivals to celebrate Oktoberfest all around the world, including a renowned annual event in Kitchener, Ontario. The event attracted many staff members, one being nutrition instructor Lucia Weiler.

“What I Iove about it is the atmosphere, sharing food and experiences with others,” said Weiler.

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