Local author publishes career help book


Not knowing your next step can be frustrating; former Zurich resident Sarah Vermunt knows plenty about that.

Instead of letting the frustration get the best her, she moved on with grace and set her mind to what she really wanted to do with her life, be a career coach.

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Apps for snacks

Too lazy to get off the couch to get food? There’s an app for that


When Sam Keller moved to Toronto two years ago, he was amazed by all the food options the city had to offer. He began looking for office jobs online and says Just Eat, an online service that helps Canadians order delivery and takeout from local restaurants through its website and its app, looked like a cool environment, and that it was something he was interested in. Two years later, he is the company’s business development executive.

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GO Transit expansions on the horizon

Go Transit is the GTA’s (Greater Toronto Area) best form of public transportation as their buses and trains go as far as Kitchener and Barrie. Go Transit has been around for over 70 years, but has just began to grow. According to projections the GO Transit ridership will double from just over 60 million annual riders in 2015, to over 120 million in 2020. With those projections GO Transit is planning to expand their services further past the GTA.

Currently the furthest GO Transit goes is Kitchener, which is over an hour away. GO Transit will plan to send trains further southwest as apart of the expansion with London, Woodstock and Stratford being their main stops. If you are travelling out to Eastern Ontario GO trains only run to Oshawa, and GO buses continue on to Peterborough. It has been suggested that the Lakeshore East train line gets extended to Kingston, so that people have another choice when going East of Toronto, and they will have an easier and cheaper way to get to Ottawa or Montreal.

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Reducing toxic landfill waste aim of e-waste collection drive

Kasandra DaSilva


This past week Humber students and staff were able to get rid of their old and used electronics sustainably during E-Waste Collection Week.

The Office of Sustainability teamed up with the department of Information Technology Services to give the Humber community a convenient place to get rid of old electronics such as computers, telephones, answer machines, projectors in a more environmentally friendly way.

Amelia Velasco, coordinator of the E-Waste collection said that their objective is to help students, staff and faculty reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill in any way they can.

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Textbooks for Change

October 28, 2016


Kasandra DaSilva


Humber students and staff were able to simultaneously free up some shelf space and help those in need on Wednesday as the Textbooks for Change donation drive took place at Humber North campus.

Textbooks for Change is a for-profit organization that takes used post-secondary textbooks and sends them to  local and eastern-African libraries to help enhance their education system.

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