GO Transit expansions on the horizon

Go Transit is the GTA’s (Greater Toronto Area) best form of public transportation as their buses and trains go as far as Kitchener and Barrie. Go Transit has been around for over 70 years, but has just began to grow. According to projections the GO Transit ridership will double from just over 60 million annual riders in 2015, to over 120 million in 2020. With those projections GO Transit is planning to expand their services further past the GTA.

Currently the furthest GO Transit goes is Kitchener, which is over an hour away. GO Transit will plan to send trains further southwest as apart of the expansion with London, Woodstock and Stratford being their main stops. If you are travelling out to Eastern Ontario GO trains only run to Oshawa, and GO buses continue on to Peterborough. It has been suggested that the Lakeshore East train line gets extended to Kingston, so that people have another choice when going East of Toronto, and they will have an easier and cheaper way to get to Ottawa or Montreal.

Click here for the interactive info graphic 



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