Demanding OHL schedules corrupting teams chances of winning

The Ontario Hockey League has some of the most promising hockey players in the World playing within it each night. But with location changes throughout the league over the last few seasons has made the travelling demand rise as the divisions are not changing when the teams re locate. As you can see with the map below some of the divisions are reasonable, but the eastern and central divisions cover big spaces of Ontario meaning that the teams within that division are playing further and longer road trips more often than other teams in the league. These long road trips can affect how the team performs.

The one team this seems to hurt is the Hamilton Bulldogs. Since relocating from Belleville two years ago the Bulldogs have been in a division with Oshawa, Peterborough, Kingston, and Ottawa. Obviously that division made more sense when the Bulldogs played in Belleville, but now that they are in Hamilton it makes the commute longer to play their divisional rivals. They are also included in a conference with North Bay and Sudbury, two far up north located teams. Last season the team was not successful as it was in a new city, and were not used to travelling that far that often. This season so far they have improved but in mid October they had two evening games up north, which they went 1-1 in, but the next afternoon they played back at home and got completely smoked by the visiting team.

This research shows that the OHL needs to change their divisions to co-operate with where the teams have moved to, or make a schedule that accommodates each team in the league fairly.


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